StrideMill Cruise starting from $27,750

We literally are Number 1 in all categories:

  • Lowest price guarantee
  • Smallest surfaces
  • Largest surfaces
  • Most installs
  • Quietest machine
  • Fastest speed
  • Best warranty
  • Highest customer service quality
  • Least number of breakdowns
  • Highest number of models

Our skating treadmills, motion analysis systems, shooting extensions and rink boards are the premier training devices in the hockey industry and are used by more NHL and international hockey players than all others combined.

Since 2003 our engineers have installed in locations world-wide; including Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Russia, and the United States.

Our training systems, shooting galleries and practice rinks will provide you with unsurpassed solutions to train your players and to develop them to achieve precise balance, conditioning, form, mechanics, strength and power but more importantly, to develop their dreams of future greatness!.

Our promise & commitment to you…

  • We will NEVER compromise you or your business by relying on a sub-manufacturer for the quality of our machines.
    RESULT: This means we control all aspects of service.  
  • WE manufacture EVERY machine, in our OWN factory with our OWN equipment – from rivets to rollers, we make it all in-house.
    RESULT: This means we control every element of quality.  
  • We are ASSET-BASED – no middle men. We own our own building, CNC machines, and all assets needed to provide the best quality & support in the industry.
    RESULT: This means we can provide the very best prices.

 “We are as committed to our business, quality, and customer service, as you are to yours!”